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Flat Fee Pricing

Shopping around for the best rates?

Here are some key questions to ask:

Is there a Set Up or Application Fee?

Is there an Annual fee?

Is there a CPI fee (monthly or annual)?

What is the Monthly Minimum Processing Fee?

Are there any
other fees?

What is a No Term Service Contract?
Flat Rates for Retail and Restaurants

Option #1
Option #2
 Service Description
Leased POS with Contract
No Contract
 Per Transaction $0.10
 All Credit Cards On Total volume
Transaction Fee
Per Transaction
 Monthly Account Fee
Per Month
Application Fee  One Time Fee
Set Up Fee
One Time Fee
 Push Fund Fee
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee Yearly Fee $0.00
Compliance Fee Monthly v$0.00
Bin Access Fee
On Total Volume
POS Terminal
Monthly Fee
From $20.00
From $30.00

Flat Fee Credit Card Processing simplifies and takes out the guess work of how much each transaction will cost you. Perfect for those who are currently processing now. Easily compare your current providers rates to ours. Choose from 1 of 2 options. With a Lease Contract or Month to Month No Contract Services.

Flat Fee Credit Card Processing - One Straight Rate - No Hidden Fees - Simple Billing - Know exactly how much you are paying before your bill arrives - Calculate exactly how much your Merchant Statement could be here - Use our Fee Calculator here.

Merchant Advisors Canada truly believes that everyone should be treated with the same utmost respect and thus we also believe that everyone should pay the same low rates that we advertise.

Unlike many of our Canadian competitors and their websites, Merchant Advisors Canada  offers the best prices and rates and we OPENLY discloses them to the public.....thus creating a  Uniform pricing integrity, a true no surprise quote.

Don't be fooled by our competitors advertising rates starting at 1.39% or 1.49%, It is highly unlikely that you won't get that rate and even if you do get it on the contract, you need to ask your self this question: Whats the Catch? Why would any Payment Processing company give you rates far lower than their interchange cost price? Would you offer any service and advertise it nationwide at a loss? Remember the old golden rule: If it sounds too good to be true..........

Here is an example of a regular shoe retail store where the cost of the interchange charged by Visa to the resellers (Payment Processing Companies) for standard electronic transaction at 1.54%. Why would any company sell payment processing service lower than 1.54%? Think about it. As a business, our general goal is to make a profit, and there is no way any company would be able to do that and continue on for years without going under. Don't take our word for it......go to or click on this link >>> Visa Canada Interchange Rates to see what the cost price is for the credit card processor for Consumer Credit and Commercial Products (currently on page 4 of their interchange fee table) is for the processing company to process your transactions.
Don't get caught into introductory price quotes and rates that you will not qualify to enjoy. There are many stories of Merchants falling into this trap on the internet where their unbelievable low rates is what it is.....not to be believed. Two, three months into the new processor an unexpected increase due to recalculated risk of their business or unmet volume qualifications are almost a certainty.

At Merchant Advisors Canada, our posted rates are true and real, with no hidden charges. When you sign up with Merchant Advisors Canada for your payment processing solutions, our merchant services advisors will explain and disclose all cost associated with accepting credit and debit cards for your business.
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